Cartographic Education & Careers

Graduation Cap and DiplomaDo you have an interest in drawing maps, graphics, computers, mathematics, geography, the environment, science, photography, and a tendency for neat, precise work?

Then a career in the mapping sciences could be what you are looking for.

Cartography or Mapping Sciences?

Mapping and Cartography today encompasses a diverse range of fields and disciplines.

To reflect these changes industry and the profession have adopted the broader term Mapping Sciences, thus relating to work in the areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), resource management, environmental monitoring, transport, communications, and tourism.

Office or Outdoor work?

Training and studying to become a Cartographer / Mapping Scientist generally means preparing for an indoor working career associated with maps, land information, desktop publishing, digital imagery, and 3-dimensional data.

This may involve working with Surveyors, Planners, Engineers and other technical scientists to acquire, communicate and manage geo-spatial information.

Which High School subjects should I study?

Maps and their coordinate systems relate directly to map projections and data manipulation. For this reason a sound achievement in Mathematics and English is recommended.

An understanding of Geography, Graphic Communication and knowledge of Physics fundamentals is also desirable for Mapping Science related disciplines.