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New Holland Map

No. 1 - New Holland Map

by Saml. Thornton

Showing the west coast of Australia with inset Sharks Bay by William Dampier, 1701.


Bass Straits Map

No. 2 - Bass Straits Map

by A. Dalrymple

Shows tracks by Barrallier under the direction of Capt. P. G. King. Extremely rate chart with broadside.


Nouvelle Hollande Map

No. 3 - Nouvelle Hollande Map

by M. Bonne

This Frnech drawn chart depicts nearly all cartographic information derived from Cook's voyages relating to Australia.


Costa Australe Map

No. 4 - Costa Australe Map

by Robert Dudley

Based on information form early Dutch voyages show the west coast of Cape York Peninsula.


Terres Australes Map

No. 5 - Terres Australes Map

by J. N. Bellin

Based on Tasman and shows Australia pre-Cook with New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania as one continent.


Tasmans Voyage Map

No. 6 - Tasman's Voyage Map

by Francois Valentyn

Shows the track of Abel Tasman's voyage in 1642 and includes Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand.


Mapping Queensland DVD Cover

Mapping Queensland DVD Book

The DVD Book provides an overview of the methods and tools used since Queensland's separation from New South Wales in 1859. In doing so, the vast changes in cartographic practices during this period, evolving from hand drawn ink documents to sophisticated databases and computer mapping packages is detailed.

This product has 1464 pages in the main documents and almost 2000 additional reference documents and map samples.