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The Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia welcomes people at all levels of professional expertise and knowledge in areas such as geospatial data acquisition, data manipulation and management, LIS/GIS analysis and spatial systems development, as well as those involved in mapping, cartography and other forms of data and information communication.

Indicators that Cartography and Cartographers are in great demand:

  1. The recent “Map Our World” exhibition at the National Library of Australia broke all attendance records, with well over 100 000 people passing through the exhibition. Two hundred and twenty four original maps from around the world were on display. The catalogue is available from the NLA bookshop (http://www.nla.gov.au/content/mapping-our-world-catalogue). There are 288 pages filled with images of the exhibited maps and explanations from many cartographic experts.
  1. The International Cartographic Association held it’s “most successful” 26th International Cartographic Conference in Dresden, Germany from 26-30 August 2013.

Georg Gartner (President, ICA) argued in his take-away messages that:

* cartography is relevant

* cartography is attractive

* cartography is most contemporary


He said that “if my arguments are true, then there is no need to step back or hide away as a cartographer, but rather the other way around. It is of high importance that cartography and cartographers are actively contributing their skills, knowledge, methods and research to the geospatial domains.

I therefore argued, that 'It’s ok to be a cartographer!' ” ( Georg Gartner | President | ICA, 2013)


All materials published in the ICC 2013 Proceedings are available online from the ICA website (icaci.org/files/documents/ICC_proceedings/ICC2013/).


  1. Western Australia hits the Whitehouse. The Obama administration announced a global data initiative to fight climate change. They have called on some of the largest companies in the world to get behind the initiative – including Google. The work of NGIS Australia was highlighted by Rebecca Moore from the Google Outreach program as an example of using their technology as part of this fight. NGIS will now work with the CRCSI and the Australian government to determine where we go from here – but there will be many opportunities that will arise from such exposure. (Paul Farrell, Managing Director NGIS)



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